A Buyer:

Anyone who bids and wins as the highest bidder at the auctions end or uses the buy now on an item!


Any bids placed on an item up for Auction Sale or orders placed for an item in a Storefront are binding on the buyer and final and may not be retracted. Gun Nation will not retract a bid placed on an auction unless we determine the seller is a fraud or the bidder is a fraud and is attempting to disrupt or interfere with a Seller's valid listings or Ads.

A Buyer is bound by contract upon registration to complete the transaction, by registering with Gun Nation the buyer agrees to a binding contract saying so and has been agreed upon.

A Buyer is required to respond to a Seller within 3 days of that Seller's attempt to contact the winning Buyer of an item/ auction or Ad, or that Buyer's right to purchase the item(s) is forfeit. Failure to respond as a Buyer can result in Negative feedback. A Buyer may affirmatively discharge this duty by contacting the Seller through the items listing or Ad message link to the Seller, and thereafter responding to any contact from the Seller either through phone, email or Gun Nation message.

The Buyer must send payment by traceable means within 3 working days of contact from the Seller providing specific Payment instructions.

In the case of a gun, guns or ammo the Buyer must arrange for the Buyer's transferring FFL license to be sent within 3 working days of contact from the Seller providing specific instructions of where the FFL should be sent.

If the Buyer isn't contacted by the Seller within 4 working days after the day the auction closes, the Buy-it-Now is exercised, or an order is placed through a Storefront Ad, the Buyer is relieved of any obligation to purchase that item. The Seller may then relist the item.

If the Buyer properly notifies the Seller of a return under the mandatory 3 business day gun or guns Inspection Policy, the Buyer must take all reasonable steps to protect, return and insure the Seller's gun or guns. This includes properly packaging the gun or guns against harm in shipping and insuring the gun or guns for the value of the end price.


If an item is damaged in shipment: A Buyer must timely report any apparent or potential damage in shipping to the Seller and within 3 business days of receipt of any item. The Buyer will report to the Seller and to the carrier of such suspected damage in shipping, begin any required insurance reports if the item is insured and cooperate with any insurance investigations and adjusters. All packaging, boxes and labels must be retained by the Buyer for the potential use in an insurance claim by adjusters. Failure to retain packing materials for insurance investigations or to cooperate with an insurance investigation may result in the Buyer losing rights under the 3 Day Inspection Period and


having the transaction considered final with the Buyer as owner of the item. In such case insurance proceeds, if any, received by the Seller shall be promptly sent to the Buyer.

Any User whose first and only feedback is negative will be immediately removed. If a Buyer receives three 3 negative feedbacks in three 3 different auctions in a period of less than three (3) months from a failure to complete the purchase of an item where that Buyer is the winner of the item, that Buyer's account will be disabled indefinitely.

Buying a Gun or Guns: A buyer is responsible as is a seller for following all local, state and federal laws!! To buy a Gun or Guns you must first be eligible to own a gun or guns so please make sure you can before wasting a sellers time!!!!