FEES: By registering with you agree to this document and all rules that apply.


Gun Nation offers a free membership upon registration that allows you to begin buying and selling right away. For verification and security reasons, Gun Nation has a one-time 1.00 signup fee. This is to help us eliminate fake accounts, spammers, and ensure a more secure site for you as buyers and sellers.


Gun Nation has two types of fees, a final value fee that will be charged whether your listed item sells or not, but you will not be charged for relisting that same item. The second fees you may acquire are optional listing features to help enhance the visibility and advertisement of an item or items listed.


The final value fee is assessed after you list an item; all fees are charged as invoices and can be accessed in your account under MY Gun Nation after you have logged in.


Gun Nations optional listing features are designed to help your listing be unique from others and help greatly to ensure your item or items stand out. Sellers can use HTML to create an outstanding listing and attract more attention. Optional listing features such as pictures, videos, bold titles, and colored titles are highly recommended to be a more affective seller.


Membership Is Free: Gun Nation charges no membership fees at this time!




Selling thru Gun Nation: All sellers will be required to place a credit card on file for billing purposes only! Your credit card information will be stored using Gun Nations secure automated system. Fees acquired will be billed at the end of each month, to keep track of these fees check your invoices frequently.




If for some reason your credit card fails to be authorized thru our system, you will not be able to relist or list any items until you have updated your payment method.


Refunds: If a seller runs into a non-paying bidder or buyer they must contact Gun Nation and make a case ASAP! Gun Nation will assess the case and decide whether refunds of the auctions charges are in order.





Final Value


Final Value Fee*


$0 - $25

5.0% of the final value

Over $1,000

5.0% of the first $25 ($1.25), plus 2.5% of the amount between $25-$1000 ($24.38), plus 1.25% of the amount over $1,000





All optional fees with Gun Nation are shown upon listing your item or items!