Ruger® LCP® .380 ACP Compact Pistol

Ruger LCP is a great choice for personal protection, the Ruger LCP .380 Auto Pistol’s compact and lightweight design is perfect for all-day carry. It is double action gun. Ruger LCP construction with blued, hardened alloy steel slide and black, high performance, glass filled nylon grip frame.


Caliber                       .380 Autos
Mag. Capacity           7+1
Barrel Length           3.12 ”
Barrel Type               Alloy Steel
Overall Length         6”
Width                         .90”
Height                         4.50”
Avg. Weight              17.20 oz.

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The CR6720CA is a carbine gun from the famous arms and ammo manufacturers Colt. As it’s a carbine gun, it features the ammo capacity of a rifle while offering the lightweight advantage of a sub machine gun. The CR6720CA comes from the long line of colt’s match target guns and is one of the most accurate and effective in its range. This makes it perfect for varmint shooting, target shooting or plain target shooting purposes. It’s a semi- automatic rifle which features all the advantaged of the famous AR-15 gun which released in 1963 and is well reputed for its flexibility of use and functionality to the present day.

The Cr6720CA features a free floating barrel made out of stainless steel that has the ability to flex while shooting. This enables the gun to discharge its ammo freely without being constricted, hence minimal loss of accuracy. The barrel is 20 inches in diameter and 39 inches in length. The gun weights a mere nine pounds which makes it one of the lightest carbines in its class. Other features include an RH twist feature which allows for lighter grain ammo, a flash suppressor from colt, a black buttshock in A2 style and a pistol grip that provides firmness while firing. The gun can also be fitted with a scope that enhances its long range accuracy and functionality. The CR6720A uses a magazine that can hold up to nine rounds of NATO caliber 5.56 x 45.

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The LWRC M6A2™ rifles are a standard Gas-piston carbines, available in various barrel lengths like 5.56mm NATO or 6.8mm SPC. The most prominent feature of these guns which grabs the attention towards M6A2 is the spiral barrel and unique rail system which is very lightweight, self-regulating, self-scraping and its maintenance is quite easy as well. M6A2 rifles are made by advance materials and manufacturing processes which results in their capability, reliability and 100% accuracy. And that’s why M6A2™ series rifles are considered as the most refined and best handling rifles in the world.

LWRC – M6A2 Rifle


Caliber:                                             5.56 mm NATO and 6.8 SPC
Barrel Length:                                10.5″, 12.7″, 14.7″, 16.1″
Weight (unloaded):                        7.3 lbs (16.1″ barrel)
Overall Length:                               33.3″ – 36.5″ (16.1″ barrel)
Rate of Fire:                                     Semi-Auto or Select Fire 700 rpm (+/- 100 rpm)
Rifling:                                               1/7″ RH (5.56); 1/10″ RH (6.8)
Stock Grip:                                       B5 Systems SOPMOD/Magpul MIAD
Sights:                                               LWRCI Folding BUIS Front and Rear
Magazine:                                         Magpul 30 rd. P-Mag (5.56); Barrett 30 rd. (6.8)
Muzzle Device:                                A2 Birdcage 1/2×28 TPI (5.56); A2 Birdcage 5/8×24 TPI (6.8)
Finish:                                                Black Anodize

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Does Guns Control Reduce Crime Ratio

Guns Control - A Good Strategy to Reduce the Crime Ratio/Gun Violence

Various strategies are made to ensure the safety and security of states. Controlling the unfair use and brandishing of arms and ammunition is one the useful strategies in self-defense. There are so many arguments that goes in favor of the gun control. Its possession is itself a threat to the whole humanity as more arms gives rise to more violent incidents. The presence of guns increases the risk of killings if the possessor uses it in anger on even a small dispute. Keeping the guns away from the criminals and violent characters will most probably reduce the crime rate. Those who favors the common possession of guns often argue that it’s not the guns that kills men but it’s the people themselves killing their mates. The counter argument may be that a man would not try to kill a man so easily if he does not possess guns. As far as the law is concerned, the US Supreme Court has granted the public to carry arms with the point of view that gun control has not played a significant role in reducing the crime ratio in the past and that making the criminals armless is the only way to reduce the violent activities.

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Rossi – Matched Pair Pistol .22 Long Rifle

Matched Pair Pistol turned Long Rifle is an excellent gun, although considering the investment being done to make guns look more attractive; this gun may not have the flashy looks but certainly consistent and ample performance. This pistol has Fiber Optics Sight with different colors for better focus on shots and accurate hits on target. Colors may not seem as a significant attribute but it’s very important when you’re hunting or practicing shooting as there isn’t much time to locate the sight on your gun and colors really do grab attention and makes it easy almost on a subconscious level to quickly make a decision. This pistol has a side lever release for safety precautions. It is a Single shot Break Action firearm which means it splits open for two barrels design; one made for pistol’s .45 colt cartridge and the other for long rifle’s .22 ammunition. For further security precautions it has key lock system to safeguard your gun from others. Following are the additional information for this firearm.

Rossi – Matched Pair Pistol 

Model:                                                                       P4102211BF
Caliber:                                                                    .22LR / .45 Colt / 410 Ga
Action:                                                                      Break-Action Single Shot
Capacity:                                                                  1 Round
Grips Stock:                                                            Rubber Grips
Barrel Rifle Twist (.22/ .45 Colt/.410):               1:16.5” RH
Barrel Length:                                                        11″
Weight:                                                                     Approx 3 pounds
Finish:                                                                       Blued

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Colt – 21st Century Commander 1911

The Colt is the proven standard of the Firearms World because it is more reliable and more accurate. They have introduced a new handgun in the market named “21st Century Commander 1911”. It has got series 70 firing system, long & solid black trigger and lightweight aluminum alloy frame. This gun has “Tactical Oval” grips with fingerprint checkering which provides a firm grip to shooters and mainspring housing is from Smith & Alexander. Thumb safety follows the original M1911A1 pattern, while the grip safety is in Colt beavertail design with a raised palm pad. It is also featured with front and rear slide serrations and front strap is checkered 25 lines to the inch by Pete Single. It has got all the features considered vital and desirable. As a result there is no doubt that 21st Century Commander is reliable, comfortable and one of the outstanding fighting handguns in the market.

Colt – 21st Century Commander 1911

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Colt – The New Frontier ®:

Colt manufacturers has launched a latest version of single action gun named “The New Frontier” with flat-topped, excellent adjustable targeted sights, wears with attractive finish and smooth walnut stocks with the Colt logo in gold. Colt has used the latest computerized machinery for its hand filling. The barrel, cylinder, and grip frame all have a blue finish which is also quite attractive, which will definitely make you feel that you are holding a classy handgun.

Colt -The New Fronteir


Type:                                      Single-Action Revolver
Caliber:                                  Available in .357 Mag., .44 Special, .45 Colt
Cylinder Capacity:               6 rounds
Sights:                                   Elliason rear – ramp front
Grips:                                     Two piece smooth walnut
Barrel:                                    51/2″ (tested), 71/2″; 1:181/2″ RH twist
Trigger Weight:                   14 ozs
Overall Length:                    111/2″
Weight:                                  38.5 ozs
Metal Finish:                         Color-casehardened – Blue

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Glock 21 .45 ACP

Glock 21 .45 ACP is the most famous home defense handgun especially among Americans. Glock 21 designed with natural and a comfortable grip which provides a perfect balance to shoot accurately. Glock 21 has got safe action trigger system and every time a shooter squeezes the trigger he can enjoy smooth and consistent pull. That’s why the mixture of trigger safety, firing pin safety and drop safety make this gun the safest pistol on the market. Other features include legendary stopping power of the .45 Auto round with mag capacity of 13 round and unique barrel length of 4.61 inches featured with hammer-forged rifling which gives more velocity and even greater accuracy.

Glock 21 .45 ACP


Action:                                        Safe Action
Caliber:                                      .45 ACP
Grips:                                          Multiple Backstrap System
Sights:                                        Standard or Night Sights
Capacity:                                    13+1 Rounds
Twist:                                          1:15.75” RH
Overall Length:                         8.23”
Height:                                        5.47”
Weight (Unloaded):                 26.46 ozs
Finish:                                         Gas Nitrate
Manufacturer:                           GLOCK

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Sig Sauer – M400 Rifle

The Sig Sauer has introduced new “M400 Series Enhanced Rifle which is specially designed with supreme accuracy for military operations and shooting competitions. The SIG M400 is featured with direct gas impingement and perfectly designed in AR style tactical rifle to satisfy AR shooters. It has got chrome-lined and phosphate coated barrel of 16 inches which provides superior corrosion resistance. It comes up with black finishing, solid grip and collapsible stock. Other features include removable carry handle and sight, mag release, quick removable sling mounts integral to receiver. M400 Rifle has got all the durability and reliability which every gun enthusiast expect from SIG SAUER.

Sig Sauer – M400 Rifle


Action:                                     Semi-auto
Caliber:                                    5.56 X 45mm NATO
Operating System:               Direct gas impingement
Mag Capacity:                       30 Rounds
Twist Rate:                             1:7
Grooves:                                  6
Trigger Weight:                     7.6 lbs
Barrel Length:                       16”
Overall Length:                     35.6“
Stock:                                      6 Points Collapsible
Finish:                                      Black

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Rossi – R98104 Plinker Revolver

Rossi has launched “R98104 Plinker Revolver” with Taurus security system and mag capacity of 8 rounds. It weighs 29 oz and featured with caliber of .22 LR, hammer block safety. It is beautifully designed double action revolver and one of the classiest concealed carry revolvers in its class. It comes with a fixed red fiber optic, barrel length of 4 inches and rubber grip which is the most prominent feature of this gun.

Rossi – R98104 Plinker Revolver

Key Features:

Type:                                             Revolver
Action:                                          Double Action
Caliber:                                        .22 Long Rifle
Mag. Capacity:                           8 Rounds
Grip/Stock:                                  Rubber Grip
Sight:                                            Fixed Red Fiber Optic Front Sight – Adjustable Rear Sight
Safety:                                          Hammer Block Safety
Barrel Length:                            4″
Overall Length:                          7.9″
Weight:                                        29 oz
Finish:                                          Cylindrical Alloy Steel – Blued Finish
Manufacturer:                            BrazTech – Rossi

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