Colt – The New Frontier ®:

Colt manufacturers has launched a latest version of single action gun named “The New Frontier” with flat-topped, excellent adjustable targeted sights, wears with attractive finish and smooth walnut stocks with the Colt logo in gold. Colt has used the latest computerized machinery for its hand filling. The barrel, cylinder, and grip frame all have a blue finish which is also quite attractive, which will definitely make you feel that you are holding a classy handgun.

Colt -The New Fronteir


Type:                                      Single-Action Revolver
Caliber:                                  Available in .357 Mag., .44 Special, .45 Colt
Cylinder Capacity:               6 rounds
Sights:                                   Elliason rear – ramp front
Grips:                                     Two piece smooth walnut
Barrel:                                    51/2″ (tested), 71/2″; 1:181/2″ RH twist
Trigger Weight:                   14 ozs
Overall Length:                    111/2″
Weight:                                  38.5 ozs
Metal Finish:                         Color-casehardened – Blue

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