Colt – 21st Century Commander 1911

The Colt is the proven standard of the Firearms World because it is more reliable and more accurate. They have introduced a new handgun in the market named “21st Century Commander 1911”. It has got series 70 firing system, long & solid black trigger and lightweight aluminum alloy frame. This gun has “Tactical Oval” grips with fingerprint checkering which provides a firm grip to shooters and mainspring housing is from Smith & Alexander. Thumb safety follows the original M1911A1 pattern, while the grip safety is in Colt beavertail design with a raised palm pad. It is also featured with front and rear slide serrations and front strap is checkered 25 lines to the inch by Pete Single. It has got all the features considered vital and desirable. As a result there is no doubt that 21st Century Commander is reliable, comfortable and one of the outstanding fighting handguns in the market.

Colt – 21st Century Commander 1911

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