Rossi – Matched Pair Pistol .22 Long Rifle

Matched Pair Pistol turned Long Rifle is an excellent gun, although considering the investment being done to make guns look more attractive; this gun may not have the flashy looks but certainly consistent and ample performance. This pistol has Fiber Optics Sight with different colors for better focus on shots and accurate hits on target. Colors may not seem as a significant attribute but it’s very important when you’re hunting or practicing shooting as there isn’t much time to locate the sight on your gun and colors really do grab attention and makes it easy almost on a subconscious level to quickly make a decision. This pistol has a side lever release for safety precautions. It is a Single shot Break Action firearm which means it splits open for two barrels design; one made for pistol’s .45 colt cartridge and the other for long rifle’s .22 ammunition. For further security precautions it has key lock system to safeguard your gun from others. Following are the additional information for this firearm.

Rossi – Matched Pair Pistol 

Model:                                                                       P4102211BF
Caliber:                                                                    .22LR / .45 Colt / 410 Ga
Action:                                                                      Break-Action Single Shot
Capacity:                                                                  1 Round
Grips Stock:                                                            Rubber Grips
Barrel Rifle Twist (.22/ .45 Colt/.410):               1:16.5” RH
Barrel Length:                                                        11″
Weight:                                                                     Approx 3 pounds
Finish:                                                                       Blued

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