The CR6720CA is a carbine gun from the famous arms and ammo manufacturers Colt. As it’s a carbine gun, it features the ammo capacity of a rifle while offering the lightweight advantage of a sub machine gun. The CR6720CA comes from the long line of colt’s match target guns and is one of the most accurate and effective in its range. This makes it perfect for varmint shooting, target shooting or plain target shooting purposes. It’s a semi- automatic rifle which features all the advantaged of the famous AR-15 gun which released in 1963 and is well reputed for its flexibility of use and functionality to the present day.

The Cr6720CA features a free floating barrel made out of stainless steel that has the ability to flex while shooting. This enables the gun to discharge its ammo freely without being constricted, hence minimal loss of accuracy. The barrel is 20 inches in diameter and 39 inches in length. The gun weights a mere nine pounds which makes it one of the lightest carbines in its class. Other features include an RH twist feature which allows for lighter grain ammo, a flash suppressor from colt, a black buttshock in A2 style and a pistol grip that provides firmness while firing. The gun can also be fitted with a scope that enhances its long range accuracy and functionality. The CR6720A uses a magazine that can hold up to nine rounds of NATO caliber 5.56 x 45.

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